Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garden office as eco-friendly 'power station'

SPECIFIC is an academic and industrial consortium in Port Talbot, Wales, led by Swansea University with partners including Tata Steel which aims to "transform buildings into power stations by enabling them to generate, store and release their own energy".

Here's one of it's successes, a pod highly suitable for use as a garden office which demonstrates how to power and heat a building (in this case a small-ish one) without connecting to existing services and reduces running costs. So the pod's fully-integrated technologies enable it to generate, store and release its own heat and electricity from solar energy. It is a completely self-sufficient and ideal for off-grid use. As well as this pod, they have also worked successfully on an energy positive classroom with similar properties.

Electricity is generated by the Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) on the roof which is stored in batteries and used to power lighting, small electrical appliances and heating. According to SPECIFIC: "Heating is provided by a novel glazed solar air collector, supplemented by an electric heating system developed at SPECIFIC. The control system for the building regulates the heat within the space, intelligently selecting the best method of heating depending on climatic conditions." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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