Monday, June 12, 2017

Tiny house bookshop

Very high on the list of 'I really like the sound of this' is La librairie itinĂ©rante, a travelling bookshop from French company the La Maison Qui Chemine (rough translation, 'The house that plods'). It's been built specially for bookseller Jean-Jacques who plans to wander from city to city and from festival to festival plying his trade. 

This perfect shedworking atmosphere is essentially a 5.4m-long trailer, measureing 2.5m by 4m which has dry toilets, a kitchen, office, and bedroom on a mezzanine level, accessed via a ladder also hangs on a handrail that runs along the library so you can reach the highest book . According to Jean-Jacques's request, there's no plumbing.
You can see their similarly lovely but less bookish tiny house model here. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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