Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden office air conditioning

With temperatures rising, Shedworking has had a lot of enquiries about how to heat and cool your garden office. There's a nice (and short) piece about just this topic on the Advantage Air Systems site. Here's a snippet:
A professionally installed air conditioning system, when compared to direct electric heating or gas, can lower your electricity bills by as much as 30-50%. If you use your garden office all day every day, you could find that your new system pays for itself within 5 years in reduced running costs. And of course, an air conditioning system also gives you the option to use it in cooling in the summer months to lower the temperature and humidity. Simple split type air conditioning systems are ideal for garden offices, typically consisting of an indoor wall mounted unit and an outdoor unit positioned behind the cabin. Mitsubishi Electric has recently launched its sophisticated and stylish M-Series range. Available in a variety of colours and using the latest R32 refrigerant, they offer superior energy efficiencies too.
Advantage also has a short case study of their work on an osteopathy practice based in a garden office (pictured above).
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