Tuesday, June 28, 2016

KantoorKaravaan: Shedworking in the woods

KantoorKaravaan is an intriguing garden office project based in the Netherlands. A project by The Tipping Point Foundation, it's a series of mobile off-grid workplaces that tour National Parks and other rural areas, but still offers wi-fi, a kitchen, and compost lavatories (and a coffee-maker), all run off solar. There are apparently plans to expand into the rest of Europe and the US.

Founder Tom van de Beek told Fast Company: "These times of technological innovation and wireless connectivity provide us with the ultimate combination: getting back to nature and self sufficiency in terms of food and energy, and still be able to do our day to day business. In other words, we can now create the 21st-century equivalent of the Garden of Eden." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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