Friday, June 10, 2016

A Woman's Huts and Hideaways

Subtitled 'More than 40 She Sheds and other Retreats', Gill Heriz's new book will be a must for female shedworkers. Suffolk-based writer and artist Gill works in a studio built from old flint. Here's the publishers' description:
An inspirational collection of stunning small spaces. Each place has its own story, a reason for being, whether it’s somewhere to escape, to create, to work, or just a place to “be”. By the Waterside, Ivy has built a mud hut near the River Willamett in Portland, Oregon—a place to “inspire and educate and share with her community.” In the Countryside Monica’s Cabin on the Hill is a writing retreat and provides a place for women who need time away from busy lives. A purpose-built shed in an Urban garden serves as studio for illustrator and artist, Martha. Hidden away, in an enchanting wilderness in Suffolk, UK, is Janet and Sue’s Secret Garden. Here, there are three sheds: an old summerhouse full of light; a hide nestled in the bushes for watching the local wildlife; and a renovated wagon used as a base for recording their wildlife observations. From yurts to Airstreams, beach huts to bothies, the huts and hideaways have one thing in common—they are all inspirational spaces created by women, for women.

There's a really good article about women and sheds by Gill at Living North. Here's a snippet:
Traditionally, women have taken time for moments of creativity within their demanding everyday lives wherever they could. They have always used small domestic spaces, and that sometimes included sheds, for their own practical and creative needs. These humble or not so humble sheds have, undoubtedly, been the places for inspiration, for the creation of novels, paintings, and the making of gardens. Going to the shed is both a physical removal of ourselves to 'another place', and a retreat to a space where our emotional needs are met and we can be ourselves. Our sheds are often the one place we can call our own and where we can do what we like!
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