Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Could you live in your garden office?

An interesting article on Vice by Oobah Butler takes an interesting look at the effects of the UK's housing crisis by focusing on what it's like living in a shed. Here's a snippet:
I'd been told the rent for my studio flat was going to be hiked up, and I was already living on Warburtons and the full Heinz back catalogue, so staying there wasn't really an option. I eventually found a place listed online as a "chalet", which sounded extremely luxurious, so arranged a viewing for the next day. Greeted by a friendly guy in Gore-Tex boots, I was led up a long garden path to a dark structure: not a chalet, a cabin or a lodge; a straight-up shed. Doors you could open with a strong cough, perspex windows, sockets hanging off the wall; it was love at first sight.
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  1. I'm pretty sure that there are people in Brisbane who live in smaller units than a garden storage shed. Sure it's doable, depending on whether you're willing to sacrifice to do it or not!