Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shed art: One Thing After Another

On show at Clerkenwell Design Week has been the One Thing After Another installation, from Sam Jacob Studio which the architecture and design practice says is all about "exploring the inputs and outputs of information between digital and physical worlds". Here's how they explain it:
The installation starts with an ‘original’ piece of architecture - a garden shed. This is 3D scanned to create a digital copy which is then processed and scaled to fabricate a new CNC’d version from Verolith. The original shed sits surreally inside this larger digital version, while inside it contains a doll-house scaled copy of itself. It is architecture arranged like a Russian Doll where one version of a thing sits inside another. Though the technologies of 3D scanning and digital fabrication the original building is both replicated and made different. The original building is ‘transmitted’ into a new state: bigger and materially transformed.
There's a good article with more detail and photos at The Spaces.
  One Thing After Another from Sto Werkstatt on Vimeo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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