Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The World's Finest Sheds

I've written a piece about sheds and shedworking for the Winter issue of the excellent "part App, part magazine, all inspiration" title intoGardens (which they've titled The World's Finest Sheds), the brainchild of lots of famous gardening folk including longtime friend of Shedworking, James Alexander-Sinclair. If you've not come across it before, this is how they describe it: "We have video, we have audio, snappy writing and beautiful photographs. We have gardens from around the world, plants to drool over and buy, fruit and vegetables to order, practical help and a bit of cookery: all in the most splendid detail." If you like gardens, you will definitely like it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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1 comment:

  1. Amazing design, it's a pity that in the UK today we are not allowed to express our creativity in our gardens with out being subdued by EU regulations and miserable neighbours.
    I think tree houses give Children, and adults a different perspective on life!