Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Importance of insulating your garden office

On the back of our recent posts of snowy sheds, Rachel Wichall from eDen Garden Rooms has been in touch on the important topic of insulation. Here's what she says:
"How can you tell if this garden office is well insulated? If you took a trip to this garden office in London you would find it warm and cosy, even with this week’s extreme temperatures. The office is heated by underfloor heating and is providing a comfortable ambient heat. However a warm room doesn’t tell you that the office is well insulated, even though it is a good indicator! The snow on the roof is the clue! A well insulated building, be that a garden office or a house, will be the building in the street with a full set of snow sitting on the roof. A well insulated roof means that the heat is staying in the building and keeping the room warm not the roof! Take a look at houses in your road and you will be able to work out which houses need to upgrade their insulation by simply looking at how much snow is sitting on their roof.

"eDEN Garden Rooms constructed this garden office (combined with shed storage) and insulate the floors, ceilings and walls – ensuring the building is enveloped in ultra efficient insulation. The roof is constructed using timbers engineered to withstand the weight of snow in extreme weather and features an EPDM rubber membrane. The rubber membrane has a 20 year guarantee and is an excellent material for ensuring that the roof is leak free and durable for many many years."
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  1. As I read this, it is -37C here where I am in Canada. Try that mental experiment on your shed! I just want to point out that insulation is important but air leakage is vital especially around anything that penetrates the wall openings, like windows and doors. You can have the best insulated shed or house and then have a draft through it that makes it uncomfortable regardless.

  2. Great post Rachel! Sometimes it can be difficult to plan ahead with insulation, especially when you have your garden building designed and installed in the summer months. However, the weather the last few weeks (in the UK) just goes to show how important it really is if you want your garden building to be functional all year round.

    Keep up the good work.

    David Fowler (Extra Rooms)

  3. Completely agree that I need to insulate my office shed and stop the draughts! Can anyone recommend any good and easy to install products on an existing shed?

    Thank you!