Thursday, January 17, 2013

Angela Harding: shedworker

Artist Angela Harding has a particularly beautiful shedworking setup, as she explains:
My studio looks out over the Rutland landscape, the main theme of my work is British birds combined with the British countryside.  I have always loved birds; even at primary school I carried round a small orange suitcase that contained my feather collection. This love and fascination with birds has stayed with me, I do not consider my self a twitcher, the interest I have with birds is for their form and the setting they inhabit. The paintings and prints I make are an attempt to capture a glimpse of the atmosphere they evoke. I work from small sketchbooks, noting down quick drawings of what I see while out walking. I then take these to the studio and enlarge them on canvas or develop them into prints. 
You can see more photos of it on her blog too as well as her work.

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