Friday, January 11, 2013

Unveiled: the stars of BBC's Shedtown's sheds

BBC Radio 4's comedy Shedtown is back so do nip along and listen on the iplayer thingy if you missed the first episode of the second series which was broadcast yesterday. The Radio Times has a great feature about the sheds owned by the stars of the show including Tony Pitts's and Maxine Peake's. Above is Stephen Mangan (who plays Jimmy) and here's a snippet from what he says about it:
My shed is so small it could comfortably double as my coffin. It’s so crammed with junk that I haven’t dared open it for three months in case I get buried under the avalanche of tat that will inevitably fall out. I’m sure there are unclassifiable creatures living in the bottom of it. I built it myself. Well – I assembled it from a flat pack. But it needed hammering, and painting, and roofing-felt pinning on.
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