Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The hidden costs of garden offices

A very interesting post by Michael Angove on his blog about not only building his own garden office (pictured above) but of some of the additional costs of doing so. Here's a snippet:

"The studio had to be connected to the house which is 25m away. This took exactly 50m (£££) of Armoured Cable. We future proofed the cable by putting in extra junctions (£) for garden lighting sometime in the future. The cable was connected (£££), fuse box (££), Sockets and switches (££), Exterior Light (£) and an alarm connected wirelessly to the house. Storage Heater too (££)"
Well worth a look if you're thinking of going down the semi-DIY route. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Also to consider is wireless or wired internet if you are using as an office