Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Podtime: outdoor sleep pods

Siestas, as any fule kno, are a good thing. So for your shed-based sleeping needs, there is now the Podtime sleep pod. Most of the designs are for companies looking to provide employees with an indoor napping solution or as Podtime put it "a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment" but we're more intrigued by their flatpack outdoor model called the Double Pod made of wood and plastic.

These are a bit larger than the indoor ones at 1.2m high and 2m x 1.9m floor area and come in at £950 as opposed to £1,375 (plus VAT) with a simpler design and build (the indoor ones are a bit more plush). It comes with either a standard double mattress or double airbed and has lockable doors (key or non key) - optional extras include power sockets. As well as snoozing in there, you could also do some shedworking. Maybe.

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  1. A camping Pod, be it ours or anyones needs to fill a certain criteria, and I think the first feeling is very much to feel safe! Sadly a plastic box does not make most folks feel safe. I love the concept of the round door, very hobbit, but still it lacks light, air, and plastic is just not eco, which is missing the point of a camping/ sleeping POD!
    I am sorry if I sound so negative, i just hate plastic! I know it is for indoors, but plastic is so not cool anymore!
    The designer needs to manufacture it in Larch!
    I do love the Door though!

    1. Anonymous2:45 AM

      You say you dont like plastic. How are you on the internet, phone, auto or anything else in the world. Including Medicines, etc etc..

  2. Germany is looking at using a variant of this for homeless that automatically open at a certain time. My only concern with each of these models is the door handles and the potential for someone to put a chain or stick in the opening to "lock" the person in (whether joking or unintentional). Suggest the handles be recessed or form molded into the door to prevent such an occurrence.