Friday, September 28, 2012

Spaceplates greenhouse

Those of you with good memories will recall the extraordinary walking shed designed by N55. Suzanne Heath from design consultancy Ginkgo has been in touch about one of their projects for the South Bristol Skills Academy called The Spaceplates Greenhouse which has been commissioned from N55. It's an interesting shedworking atmosphere, an aluminium and polycarbonate greenhouse used for teaching but with an intriguing design. Here's what they say about it:
"The design of the greenhouse originates from the 'pure plate' structure which occurs in natural structures such as sea urchins, which are based on a hexagonal geometry. The pure plate structure is an elegant way of creating doubly-curved forms. Unlike in the lattice structures that are frequently used in much contemporary architecture, in pure plate structure the structural system and the cladding is one and the same thing. The geometrical and structural characteristics allow for extremely economical and simple building systems at any scale from small units to larger spans."
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