Friday, March 02, 2012

Nuts and Bolts: cable ties

We're starting one of our new regularly irregular columns today, Nuts and Bolts - each week-ish we'll be looking at simple ways to improve the running of your garden office, starting today with cable ties. Chances are that while your shedlike atmosphere is generally tidy, there is a hideous tangle of ugly (and arguably slightly dangerous) cables in the background. One solution is cable ties. They're cheap (you can get 50 for less than a tenner), small enough to be easily stored, and easy to use. And the result is everything is a lot neater. Moreover, cables that are left kinked or bent degrade over time and in a worst case scenario, they can even spark or cause damage to the garden office. You can buy cable ties easily at places like Screwfix, the people who brought us the news that there are more sheds than households in the UK.
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  1. Ok I'm up for this let,s get rid of cables all together. All low power stuff should be wireless. The demanding heating can be solved with insulation. Lighting can be converted to led. Wires must go!

    All women will love this comment.

    And so will bill payers.


  2. For computer cables, I prefer spiral wrap.

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    You do need however to be carefull of just coiling cables, particularly with power cables. In extrme cases this could be a fire hazard.


  4. Cable ties are an absolutely godsend! Our office garden was quite unkempt and a little bit hazardous so we cable tied EVERYTHING and now it's all super neat and tidy and trip-resistant.