Thursday, March 01, 2012

Roald Dahl’s Writing Hut opens its doors to the public

Roald Dahl’s original Writing Hut will be fully open to the public in its new home in the Museum’s Solo Gallery from March 20.

The contents and furnishings of the Hut were meticulously transported from Roald Dahl’s garden at Gipsy House (where they were beginning to decay) and will now form the centrepiece of a completely refurbished gallery. This birthplace of all Roald Dahl’s children’s stories will be accessible to the public for the first time.

Visitors will be able to see Roald Dahl’s “little nest” as he called it exactly as he had it set up, with all the extraordinary and fascinating objects he kept at hand for contemplation and inspiration. An array of new interactive exhibits and displays surrounding the Writing Hut aim to throw light on the creative process: how Roald Dahl became a writer, the real-life experiences that inspired him – the stories behind the stories – and the sources of his ideas.

Amongst the new exhibits will be a replica World War II Gladiator cockpit to explore and discover fascinating facts about Roald Dahl’s RAF experiences; a writing and drawing activity, where visitors can play the parts of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake; and an interactive ‘Ideas Aviary’ which challenges visitors to help turn Roald Dahl’s story idea seeds into ripe fruit.

Museum Director Amelia Foster said: “We are so pleased to have the Writing Hut and the brilliant new displays. Solo gallery is now bursting with activities and information aimed to engage adults as well as children. It will expand the potential for our visiting school groups and outreach work and I am confident it will provide a richer experience for all our visitors. We are very grateful to the many people who have helped this project come to fruition”

Felicity Dahl added: “I am delighted and relieved that Roald’s writing hut has found a safe and perfect home and I am thrilled that everybody will now be able to see the room in the hut where Roald weaved his magical books, so loved by children worldwide.”
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