Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shed Happenings

Today's guest post is by Maria C. McCarthy who reports on her intriguing Shed Happenings project.

When I was little, my siblings and I staged performances of song, dance and magic tricks in our shed. We charged tuppence to get in, and served squash and biscuits. Perhaps these were the first shed happenings.

Four years ago, my husband and I bought a house on the basis that it had a shed. It was a ramshackle affair with a dirt floor and walls that didn’t always meet the leaky corrugated iron and asbestos roof. But it was huge, and had a lovely view over an orchard.

An occupation of builders brought out the best in our outhouse, and now it is two-thirds shed-shed, one-third writing room (see photo above). Or guitar room, depending on whether you speak to me or my husband. It’s used for writers’ workshops and band rehearsals, and will soon host a shed happening, or s’happening.

I met another shed-lover on Facebook, Sarah March d’Angelo, and we came up with the idea of s’happenings. The first took place this month, in Sarah’s shed, with a nautical theme. Seven artists huddled by the light of candles and torches, read poems, projected film with live poetry to match the images, and sang songs to a baby harp and guitar. There was bouillabaisse and wine, and each s’happener made a donation to charity. Our host’s son remarked that we were, ‘Sad’, spending the evening in a cold shed, but it was entertaining, inspiring and fun.

The next s’happening is in my shed in April. The theme is Entente Cordiale. A short play, poetry, songs and projections on the shed walls are promised. English and French cheeses and wines will be served. For those without the requisite outhouse to host a s’happening, tent and gazebo happenings may follow – once the weather gets warmer.

Maria’s poetry collection, strange fruits, is available from Harp photo of harpist Fran Broady by Nikki Price

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