Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shedworking in the Financial Times

There's a big piece in the FT today by Jonathan Foyle - Shed Your Commute - to which we contributed lots of research and quotes. It's a great piece and well worth a look. Here's a snippet:
"Shedworkers contribute £6.1bn to the UK economy. This staggering estimate comes from a 2010 poll carried out by communications specialist Twelve Thirty Eight. It found that more than half of shed-based businesses in the UK (61.3 per cent) are run by sole traders, with 32.3 per cent employing between two and five workers. The average turnover of a shed-based business is £76,449, and the creative industries seem to thrive among the hydrangeas."
Pictured above is Jonathan's own garden office. Here's what he says about it:
"It’s built from salvage, a 12ft wide by 8ft deep and 8ft high confection of architectural bits and bobs: sash windows, recycled roof slates and a foppish Regency pediment, filled with books, much crockery, candles, oil paints, more salvage and an armchair. It’s a wonder I get any work done."
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