Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How strong is your garden office floor?

Warwick Buildings have just launched a new range of home and garden buildings with a new integral base and floor system: made from tanalised joists using 150mm x 50mm timber they claim that the resulting framework is strong enough to support the weight of a car. Karen Tolley from Warwick explains: "With a normal life expectancy of 25 years plus, the pressure treated timbers sit just above the ground in a sheltered position while the 18mm flooring has insulation underneath to ensure an energy efficient building above. The uniquely designed adjustable feet mean that the Warwick Garden Offices can be sited on flat or uneven ground whilst allowing the building to be moved without leaving a permanent ‘footprint’."
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  1. Apparently the weight of that car is around 3153lb or 1430kg. So you would be able to get something like Bridgeport Milling Machine in it ok.

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Andy just what i am looking for. Bridgeport in the shed soon.