Saturday, February 11, 2012

Elegant sheds: Architects' Journal Small Projects awards

There's a feast of marvellous microarchitecture featured in the Architects' Journal Small Project awards (click here for their digital issues featuring all the runners and riders or to the Guardian for a briefer look). So many smashing builds to choose from, but pictured above is one of our favourites, Elegant Shed 2 from William Tozer, the refurbishment of two existing sheds to become a garden studio and greenhouse. Here's what AJ says about it:
"Frameless window and door openings appear as voids through the brick enclosures, and the roof planes of timber and glass sit inside the external walls. Spatially, the sheds separate two zones of the garden, and loosely enclose a paved space between them. Windows positioned on one end of each building frame views across this patio, visually connecting the two building envelopes and the interiors that they enclose."
Do have a look at the digital issues, they're lovely.
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1 comment:

  1. Really beautiful, especially the frameless windows. The winner was amazing too with a door made of brock so it feels like a secret door. Every time I'd use it I'd feel like I was going into Narnia!