Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Joe Steer: shedworker

London-based musician Joe Steer has recently set up a music studio in his garden office (see it in action in the video above) from Booths and there's an excellent look at how it was all put together on the new Homeowner Handbook site which offers first-hand advice for first-time buyers. Here's a snippet from their Q&A:
"I’m a music producer and songwriter and I need a studio in which to record my music. I have friends who spend many thousands of pounds a year renting studio space. Before I bought it, I’d been planning for a long time to invest in a garden studio – partly because I liked the idea of a 30 yard commute to work, and partly because it will hopefully add some value to my home."
The studio is 12ft x 8ft, relatively soundproofed, insulated and with full electrics as you'd expect.
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