Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Casa Miedi Larch Hut

A shedlike atmosphere for eating, sleeping, reading and light shedworking in an Umbrian pine forest by Arboreal Architecture. Lots more photos and working drawings at the Architects' Journal Buildings Library who have this to say about the build:
"The vertical Larch cladding on the exterior is rough-sawn to encourage lichen growth while the interior Larch surfaces are sanded smooth. The floor, walls and roof are insulated with sheep’s wool and the windows are double glazed. The interior spaces are formed from a series of cross-beams which provide stability to the structure and create integrated pieces of furniture – bed, bench, desk and shelf. Windows are located in each corner of the space creating surprising views and qualities of light."

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  1. Good sample of sustainable building. Thanks. Manchester architects.

  2. Great architectural design! So simple yet so classic. I really love this kind of design.