Friday, March 04, 2011

The Shed: Out Of The Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary is a a non-profit community organisation which is setting up a workshop in East London where you can make beautiful and useful things from the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life (friend of Shedworking Tessy Britton is closely involved with the scheme which means it must be good). Here's what they say:
"Imagine an urban habitat for people like to tinker with a bit of ironmongery and a lot of imagination, a new kind of social space combining creative and practical skills. Our sheds are welcoming social spaces where you can learn both creative and practical skills. Drop in to a shed and you’ll find our team of artists and technicians happy to help you hem your trousers, reupholster a sofa, turn a bicycle into a chandelier, or build a spaceship with your kids."
It's a marvellous idea and one I hope you will all support - find more information here and here. Pictured below is the first shed, the Whitechapel Shed with window display by artist and designer Umut Yamac.
Here's how you can help: they need equipment, tools, furniture, volunteers, teachers, tehcnicians, books about art/craft/design/DIY and most importantly of all, they'd really like a small shed inside the workshops. If you could donate one or know somebody else who could, please get in touch with them or with us here at Shedworking.
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