Friday, March 18, 2011

Nomadnessyurts: Home Of The Modern Yurt

Nomadnessyurts is run by Jonathan Ridgeon and Greg Kemp who originally started making yurts from hazel coppice and reclaimed army tents. Their current models, ideal for a garden office with a considerable difference, stand up to very strong winds, are fine with wet weather and claim to be virtually maintenance free. "We now use ultrasonically welded UV stabilised PVC and our new product is only now just going into manufacture," says Jonathan. "Currently we are deleloping an off grid hot shower solution using heat from the stove and water collected from the yurt roof." You can find out more about them at their web site, on Twitter and at their Facebook page.
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  1. I doubt that it's maintenance free. But the product does look good.

  2. Armon5:14 AM

    Very nice, looks like an indian hut. Can we fit double glazed windows with that.