Saturday, December 18, 2010

How shedworking can help the NHS

The beauty of a garden office is that it can be put to a wide range of uses. The Garden Escape has been working at Barnet Hospital to install a new patient relative room: it has a green roof and sun pipe lighting to bring plenty of natural light into the building. Here's what Garden Escape say about it:
"The aim of the building is to provide a restful retreat for relatives and friends spending long hours at the hospital, with someone who is approaching the end of their life. The Garden Escape successfully linked the new garden room to the existing hospital in the courtyard."
Matron Sue Hall, Project Leader, said: "Whilst Barnet Hospital is a lovely modern building, there really isn't anywhere for families or friends to go for a bit of a rest from long hours spent at the bedside. We wanted to create somewhere very special, but private and peaceful. We've been really touched by the generosity of people who have helped us achieve so much already."
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