Monday, December 20, 2010

Heather Bestel - shedworking tip of the month

This month, Shedworking's Calm Editor Heather Bestel says keep warm and carry on...
Shedworkers up and down the country will be celebrating more than Christmas this week!

If you were ever regretting leaving the conventional office environment for a more isolated one at home, then you will be so glad you did this month as the onslaught of snow and ice brought the rest of the country to a standstill.

A 60 second morning commute instead of hours on an icy, miserable train. Working happily away, safe in the knowledge that the journey home will be a pleasant stride across a crisp white garden, rather than the worry of being trapped for hours on an impassable motorway.

So, take time this month to appreciate the lifestyle you have created and give a little thought to those ex colleagues who weren’t so fortunate.

Keep warm & Merry Christmas x
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