Friday, June 11, 2010

How to feng shui your garden office

We've covered how to feng shui your shedlike atmosphere before on Shedworking but in a rather general, non-expert sense. Here's a great article by Lloyd Burrell at the Historic Shed blog specifically looking at how shedworkers should arrange their working atmosphere to ensure success or as Lloyd puts it "by using the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui you can create a dramatic shift in your work life to bring about productivity, peace and profit in your garden shed". Here's a snippet:
You should be facing the door when sitting at your desk, as this is where your business will symbolically “come in”. When facing the door you are welcoming business into your life, rather than turning your back on it. You need to create a solid “mountain” of supportive energy behind you. Having the corner of the room behind you accomplishes this. This can be reinforced with a good, tall plant in a sturdy pot or a large painting of a mountain or a sculpture.
Even if you are not a convert to feng shui, it's still well worth a browse.
Shed door image courtesy Iron Creek Metal Art

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  1. I work standing up in the workshopshed. When over in Denmark we had tall desks that allowed you to work standing up when working with papers or at the computer. I can really recommend it.

    It's not feng shui but a top tip I heard recently is to keep all of the things you use frequently, near to where you work. Those that are needed less often can be stored away in drawers or cupboardsand rarely used items can be packed away in boxes at the back.

    I find for project work that keeping all of the bits in one box really helps to avoid loosing any of them.

  2. Excellent article. It was helpful and informative. hope to see more greats posts like this.

  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Just have to ask about the sculpture or Mountain painting where exactly does that have to be placed? behind you or in the corner? Please help as I have brought one but don't know where to put it