Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hattie Hasan: (recycled) shedworker

Hattie Hasan talks us through her marvellous shedlike atmosphere from where she runs her innovative plumbing business.
I built my shed from recycled wood and covered the front with astroturf so that it would blend in with my bijoux garden.It was the biggest I could fit in the space. It has a corrugated plastic roof and two other windows on the back. It's obviously kitted out with power, phone and WIFI from the house.

It is my space. I grew up in London, and the closest I ever got to greenery was the patch of grass on the other side of the North Circular. I didn't experience real countryside until I was in my 20s and I fell in love with the beauty. I moved up to Yorkshire in 1990 and I have progressively moved further and further into rural areas. In 2000 I moved to this tiny village outside of Todmorden in the Pennine foothills and every day I enjoy the open. I wake up to the dawn chorus of finches, Canada geese, and all manner of songbirds in my back garden. Not to mention the crying of lambs and the crowing of the local cockerel. So I get out here all Summer. I have considered putting heating out here and being out in the winter (seeing as I am a plumber), but it is a bit too small for that.

I started plumbing in 1990, one of the first companies in the UK of women plumbers. Now I am mainly off the tools since Jan this year, and have launched a social enterprise Stopcocks Business Scheme to help other women who train to be plumbers to set up in their own business, but to benefit from the national Stopcocks brand. My aim is to have every major city in the UK represented by 2015, and to make Stopcocks a household name for quality and trustworthiness.
You can find out more about Hattie by clicking here.
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