Friday, June 25, 2010

Shedworking book reviewed in The Independent

Today's Independent carries a long review of the Shedworking book by Jay Merrick (disclosure: I work for the newspaper though didn't talk to Merrick for the piece). Here's a snippet:
Shedworking's author, Alex Johnson, has cabin fever: he's positively messianic about sheddy virtues – and it's hard not to feel a frisson of anticipatory pleasure at the thought of settling down to work in, say, the Penthouse shed designed by Eco Green; or in a svelte, super-modernist OfficePOD; or in one of Room Outdoor's frightfully posh Cuberno garden offices. And here's what the anonymous blogger known as Man In A Shed had to say about his Damascene – and faintly politically incorrect – shed moment: "About five years ago, I found myself away from home, in a hotel room, for the first time since we had started a family. I suddenly realised I could hear myself think again. In short, I needed somewhere to hang out, a wooden cave."
You can read the whole piece, which is an Editor's Choice special pick, here.
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