Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garden buildings and the new UK planning laws

Readers will be aware of the UK Government's plans to temporarily relax planning laws (see The Guardian for a brief rundown) which, to cut a long story short, means homeowners can more easily build massive extensions. The question is though, how will this affect garden offices and buildings?

"I believe that the government announcement should be extended to include outbuildings for residential annexes in the garden," says David Whitewood of CroatianCabin. "It seems strange that you will be able to build an a whopping great 8m extension and use it as an annexe yet will not be able to use an outbuilding as an annexe.

"The Conservatives announced back in July their support for annexes "used by family members to encourage pensioners to move in with relations" so why not extend this to annexes? Building regs could also be simplified by adopting BS 3632 - Mobile Homes designed for residential use are often referred to as Park Homes and this would also close the caravan in the garden as an annexe without planning, building regs or VAT, loophole."

David feels so strongly about the subject that he has written to his local MP Gregory Barker who has in turn written to Nick Boles MP - Under Secretary for State (Planning). We would be interested in the views of other suppliers as well as shedworkers. Please do leave your comments below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. If an annexes in the garden is to be lived in all year round there is no reason for down grading the building regs, which aren't complicated.

    I don't think the government will make any changes to permitted development for garden buildings. Permitted development for garden buildings is essentially for sheds andsummerhouses. If you add a granny annexe you are adding a dwelling and this has potentially more repercussions for the neighbours than an extension e.g. windows in an annexe at the bottom of the garden looking straight back into neighbours houses.

    Indeed in the news today a number of tory local councils are resisting the proposed PD changes for extensions and looking for ways round it.

    NB 8 metres of extension is only for detached properties. The proposed limit for semis and terraced is 6 metres.

  2. Has anyone actually seen anything from the Government on the proposals? At the moment the press are making it all up it seems. I've seen no definitives from the Government - and I've looked!

  3. I think its great that our Government is finally easing up on the laws around what we can or can't build in our own back gardens!

    People just need to be sensible and think of their neighbours which should mean most people don't make too large structures that would block out sun light or be an eye saw.