Monday, May 13, 2024

Is this the end of the beach hut?

Some consternation about the long-term viability of beach huts has been raised by North Norfolk District Council in its latest report. Increasingly poor weather is leading to rising maintenace costs which is worrying officers at the council who wrote this:

The beach huts and chalets are being impacted by adverse weather conditions causing damage to them and the promenade. The cost of the Council rectifying the damage is expected to be not financially sustainable if adverse weather conditions increase in frequency. The leases have been changed to include a clause enabling the Council to remove the beach huts in such an event. If adverse conditions become more frequent to the point it is no longer viable, officers may recommend that no beach huts leases are made available.
Those with huts in prominent spots such as Sheringham, Cromer and Overstrand would be most at risk, not least because the number of people looking to rent the huts dropped last summer thanks to the wet weather and left the council in the red - its repair and maintenance costs last year were 70% higher than the average over the last four years. 

Meanwhile, Great Yarmouth Borough Council is looking at an ongong delay in its plans to build more than 40 beach huts thanks to  £200,000 overspend. These should have been completed last summer but will now not begin constrution until around September 2024.


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