Tuesday, May 21, 2024

New garden privy shed launched at Chelsea Flower Show

Plankbridge is delighting folks at this year's Chelsea Flower Show with its sauna snug which we covered previously on Shedworking here. Joining it on the tradestand AR640 is the company's new Garden Privy, what they describe as "a nostalgic throwback to the world of the Victorian gardener". 

It can be wheeled into position and connected to the mains in the garden, beside a garden office (or elsewhere, e.g. glamping spot). Alternatively, it can be fitted with solar lighting and a compost toilet for use in any remote, off-grid location.

In keeping with the traditional Victorian-style shepherd’s hut, the Garden Privy is mounted on iron wheels and is clad in hard-wearing corrugated iron. It measures 4ft x 4ft and features a small glazed window with oak shutters for privacy.

The Garden Privy was inspired by an outdoor privy that Plankbridge co-founder Jane Dennison remembers from childhood. "My mother had an old red-brick privy in her garden that was covered in rambling roses and the perfect place for her grandchildren to play hide- and-seek in later years. We have a great deal of affection for beautiful old structures like these at Plankbridge. I can’t think of a more fitting place to unveil the new Garden Privy than at RHS Chelsea Flower Show."


Malvern Garden Buildings offer a premium collection of garden buildings, displayed at 11 UK showsites.

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