Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Conker

Shedworking was buying lunch for the staff at Battler's Green in Hertfordshire earlier today when we came across the superb Conker, previously noted by us half a dozen years ago when it was not yet on the market but still attracting plenty of attention.

This was the full-sized Conker design, but there are several others in smaller iterations (not all of them fully spherical), a mini-igloo, a kind of sliced Conker, and as pictured above a single person meeting pod which is perhaps more of a teardrop than a conker but still looks delightful.

Designed and manufactured in Cheshire, all Conkers are constructed from 100% recycled materials where possible, and the rest are 100% recyclable. It's properly insulated, double glazed, and comes with a host of options including wet room with shower, lavatory, kitchenette, bench seat with storage, off grid models, underfloor heating, ventilation system, air filter, and entry/exit steps.


Malvern Garden Buildings offer a premium collection of garden buildings, displayed at 11 UK showsites.

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