Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Garden office photography studio

An interesting case study from Cosy Garden Rooms, the Roberts Twin Photography business based in Hastings, a five day build. Roberts Twins Photography is a professional photography business run by twin brothers Stuart and Lee which specialises in family, pet and wedding photography.

Stuart and Lee wanted a space from which they could grow their business. They were split between working from home, on location or hiring a studio by the hour, and wisely went down the garden office route (see images above). It measures 7m x 4m with durable Boothbay blue Hardie board cladding, a concrete foundation, floor to ceiling windows, central double sliding door, and overhang on two sides with remote sensor downlights.

"A garden room was a cheaper alternative than having an extension on the house," said Stuart. "I really wanted to grow our business and having a studio of our own, somewhere we could do our photography easily without all the massive outgoings of rent was the next key step for enabling that growth.

"By having our own studio we were able to grow our business and do all the things we wanted to do, i.e. newborn photography and dog photography, families, etc. I can practice new ideas, work on our editing in peace away from my busy household. Our newborn photography can sometimes see us with clients for four hours, this wasn’t cost effective when renting a studio by the hour. ​I can do whatever ideas I like now, whenever I like, no big overheads, no booking slots.

"I now have a place that is cool in the hot summer and nice and toastie in the winter. I can use my studio all year around. Plus, it’s not only a studio but also an escape, a study, a dining room at Christmas for the whole family, a party room for New Years Eve, a poker room for myself and my loud mates; the list goes on – it’s brilliant!"


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