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Can I reclaim the VAT on the cost of my garden office?

No apologies for returning to the perennial question (s) of garden offices and tax, with Saint & Co Chartered Accountants the latest experts to pitch in with their thoughts on VAT, capital gains, capital allowances, and depreciation. Here's a snippet (click the link above to read the whole thing which is short and to the point):

Can I reclaim the VAT on the cost of my garden office?
If you are VAT registered and build it through your business then absolutely YES. Some key pointers below:
*Ensure the business pays for all costs, you cannot claim the vat back if you pay personally
*If you are planning to use the garden office for personal use as well you are only able to claim back a portion of the VAT
*Clients under the flat rate VAT scheme can only reclaim capital purchases no less than £2,000. VAT cannot be reclaimed for services. Ensure materials are bought separately to any installation costs
As always, we recommend you talk to your tax advisor before taking any financial decisions.


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