Thursday, April 11, 2024

The average UK worker will spend £1,964 a year by returning to work full-time, says new research

New figures from personal finance comparison site suggest that the average commuter in the UK could spend £1,964 a year on returning to the office, roughly 7% of the average salary.

Finder calculated the average cost of commuting to and from work and buying lunch, to find out how much a worker could expect to pay if they returned to the office five days a week. They found that the average worker would spend an additional £1,964 per year on commuting and lunch costs on returning to the office full-time.

In London, this figure rises to 9.4% of average take-home pay, with workers in the capital expected to spend £3,076, with £2,206 of this figure attributable to commuting costs.

Employees in Yorkshire and The Humber would lose an average of 6.7% of their annual take-home salary, followed by the West Midlands at 6.6% then the North West and East Midlands (6.5%), and the South West and North East (6.4%).

Those in the South East and Wales would sacrifice an average of 6.3% of their salary by returning to the office full-time. In the East of England workers could expect to lose around 6.2% of their take home salary, and in Scotland, 6%.


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