Monday, December 18, 2023

Christmas parties and working from home

Some interesting research into Christmas parties and working from home out recently. Various reports suggest, optimistically, that bookings for office Christmas parties are on the up and indeed past 2019 levels pre-lockdowns.

Yet small business advice centre Startups reports increasing numbers of people turning down the change to attend the traditional Christmas knees-up, and recruitment experts Walters People UK have described this drop in interest as a "tide change", its figures indicating that 48% of UK employees will simply not go to one and another fifth will just go briefly then nip back home. A third said it was just too much effort. 

This has all been attribued to the growth of flexible working and a growing lack of interest in in-person social work events. We'd be interested to hear from shedworkers what their arrangements are this year and if they've changed from previous years. Maybe it's time to resurrect the Shedworkers' Christmas Party we ran some years ago?


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