Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Working from home lunches

An interesting survey of shedworkers and other homeworkers from Lakeland reveals that 85% of people working from home enjoy at least a 30 minute lunchtime break, just over a third taking a full hour (quite right, though that figure drops to 9% when it comes to people under 25).

A sandwich is still king, although 81% of those in the 25-34 age group cook something warm (either from scratch or leftovers). Here are the full results:

  • Make my own sandwich 49%
  • Just a quick snack 34%
  • Eat/use up leftovers 29%
  • I prepare something in advance 19%
  • Cook a meal from scratch 17%
  • A shop-bought ready meal 12%
  • Go out to buy a sandwich 9%
  • Get something delivered 8%
  • Eat out 5%


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