Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Ian Archie Beck's garden office dacha prints

The marvellous artist, writer, and shedworker Ian Archie Beck (profiled here on Shedworking previously) has a beautiful selection of limited edition prints of his garden office - at very affordable prices - for sale on his website. Pictured above is Early Morning Garden, June 2022 about which Ian says:

I sometimes get up very early. A habit left over from when I had to take my late and very much missed recue Greyhound Gracie out for her walk. At that time the morning sun is right behind my studio and the surrounding shrubs etc. It creates backlighting in a very intense ‘contre jour’ way. It picks out the leaves of the crab apple tree and the climbing rose too. The climber has now reached the very top of that tree. The roses dot the rafters so to speak with scattered accents of pure white which I have tried to capture in several of my paintings.

We can't recommend these too strongly. 


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