Friday, October 20, 2023

Only 8% of businesses report five-day office attendance in Dublin

An interesting report from a Dublin Chamber of Commerce/Savills report into hybrid working in the city indicates that:

* Only a third of companies now offer complete flexibility to their staff regarding ‘core hours/days’, a drop from 45% in the last three months of last year.  
* There has been a steady increase in those reporting higher levels of office capacity on the traditional core days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while office usage remains at its lowest on Mondays and Fridays.
* Thursday has overtaken Wednesday as the day of the week typically recording the highest use of office space.
* One in four firms (27%) report their employees to be working three days a week, an ncrease from 21% nine months ago

The year to date has seen an increasing return of office workers to their on-site workplace with over half (55%) now spending between two and three days in the office each week, a 7 percentage point increase on the last three months of last year. The report says that this trend has been driven by an increasing number of employers (more than half of the 320 companies surveyed) implementing core hours and/ or days-in-the-office policies. 

Mary Rose Burke, Dublin Chamber CEO commented: “We must recognise that there is an increase in the number of employees returning to the office. However, with less than one in ten businesses (8%) reporting five-day office attendance from staff, the future of hybrid working is clear. Offering hybrid and remote working as a recruitment and retention tactic remains the largest motivator for companies with almost three in four using it as a tool to address the current skills gap crisis.

“The journey back to the office is unique and nuanced for each firm. SMEs appear to lean more towards remote work, whereas larger firms with over 50 staff are inclined to increase office days. A one-size-fits-all mindset won't work.”


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