Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Garden office part of package at Sigma Homes Group development.

An excellent idea this, Sigma Homes Group is offering a garden office option at its new Hanlye View Development on conjunction with Bakers Garden Buildings. Pictured above at the new homes site in the mid-Sussex village of Cuckfield is the bespoke 10 sqm garden office. Prices for a three-bedroom house start at £680,000. Here's what Sigma say about it:

The garden has been designed to show prospective buyers how they can create an outdoor space sustainably to compliment the natural world whilst also being a functional space for families to spend time. It features a flowing gravel path which has been sourced from a local supplier and quarry to minimise the carbon-footprint. This leads to enclosed seating spaces, feature trees and the garden room... Provided by locally based Bakers Garden Buildings, this features the important working from home space.


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