Tuesday, October 17, 2023

British Cabins & Hideaways: An Opinionated Guide

Another one to fit into your shedworking bookshelf, this is the latest title from Hoxton Mini Press who also published the excellent Work From Shed a couple of years ago. 'British Cabins & Hideaways: An Opinionated Guide' is by Holly Farrier (pictured above) and is apparently carbon neutral - here's what the publishers say about it:

Discover Britain's most glorious cabins and hideaways for exploring all the wide and beautiful corners of this country. Whether it's a tree-house in the Cotswolds or a modernist bolthole on the Isle of Harris, nature and calm away. And if inner peace isn't on the cards, then at least you'll have a hot tub. Ahhhhhhh.

Following on from Hoxton Mini Press’ highly successful series of pocket-sized, paperback Opinionated Guides, and the popular 'British Boutique Hotels', this sumptuous, larger hardback is part of a growing series of guides to Britain: with more detailed write-ups, more stunning photography, and even more opinion.


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