Thursday, March 23, 2023

Green Man Cottage


Sussex-based Andrew Paine Architecture designed and built their own garden office premises, a marvellous shedworking space which has just made the 2023 RIBA South East Awards shortlist.

It's a fascinating space, constructed almost entirely using offcuts of timber from local building sites, a demolition site in East London and waste timber from the Mid Sussex Wood Recycling Project. The only major new elements are aluminium-framed double-glazed doors and sanitaryware.

Highlights of the build include:

  • No concrete or cement used, including in the foundations
  • Natural wood fibre insulation
  • The garden office placed to make best use of passive solar heating and lightin
  • All lighting low-energy LED
  • Rainwater harvesting system

Here's what they say about it:

"The result is a warm, open place to work which also doubles as a music rehearsal room and a space for the occasional overnight guest through the use of folding office furniture. While we are aware that there are a large number of proprietary garden rooms now available, we hope that this experimental building offers a little more both to the user and the environment."


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