Tuesday, March 28, 2023

People planning more garden offices in 2023, says new study

The new Checkatrade Home Pride Index shows that the UK spend on home offices rose  year on year by 347% in 2022 over 2021 and is set to carry on rising as the move towards shedworking and homeworking continues apace. 

The report contains a flurry of facts gleaned from interviews with 2,600 people, but of particular interest is that more than a quarter are planning to make a major overhaul of their garden this year. More specifically, 18% plan to build a shed and 16% to turn an existing shed/outbuilding into a garden office.

“Whether your garden needs a little TLC or a complete makeover, investing in your outdoor spaces can really help elevate the appeal and value of a home and one you can be proud of too," said  Mike Fairman, CEO at Checkatrade. "When planning your garden revamp, make sure you use a reputable and checked professional to help bring those ideas to life.’’

Just over a third of those interviewed said they would prefer to use a professionally trained tradesperson rather than have a go at building work themselves. 

“Homeowners are more resilient than ever," added Fairman, "not letting the cost-of-living deter them from home improvement projects. With the current uncertainty of the housing market, increased investments in spaces like lofts suggest homeowners are looking to make the most of what they have versus selling up and purchasing another property, and are seeking support from experienced tradespeople to help.”


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