Monday, March 27, 2023

The Garden Goddess garden office

An appropriately lovely setting for this Mini Office garden office model from Garden Affairs. It belongs to Karen Knowlton who runs The Garden Goddess garden design company in Bath.

"I love being in the garden surrounded by plants," says Kaen of her garden office. "I am a garden designer/horticulturalists, so working in the office in the summer, with the door open is perfect. With the particular design of this wooden office,  I noticed that in a year I had solitary bees using the gaps between the wood horizontals as their home which as an organic garden designer and environmentalist I love.

"I have a dedicated space now where my drawing board and computer both reside. Everything surrounds me and is to hand so I am not hunting down information and everything is organised! The main benefit is that the house is not cluttered with work and when I work I am more focused and not being distracted by household chores. In the summer evenings, when I often work till late, it is lovely being in the garden with the door open." 


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