Friday, February 10, 2023

Shoulder to Shoulder: shed opera tour 2023

We've covered this wonderful partnership betwen Men's Sheds Cymru and Swansea City Opera several times on Shedworking, but if you've unaccountably missed it, here's the blurb:

Moving, uplifting, and funny, Shoulder to Shoulder tells the real-life stories of men overcoming loneliness and social isolation. A top-flight ensemble of singers and musicians bring stories to life on stage this October. Shoulder to Shoulder is produced in partnership with Men’s Sheds Cymru.

Libretto by Brendan Wheatley, score by Lenny Sayers, Shoulder to Shoulder toured half a dozen venues in Wales in November last year and they're now looking into a 2023 tour so do look out for more information. Here's a clip to get you in the mood:


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