Monday, February 06, 2023

Garden hypnotherapy room

Here's a Garden Affairs 4.2m x 2.4m Prima model in use as a permanent space for her hypnotherapy practice in Corsham. It's a two-room garden to sit at the back of the garden, with separate access is available for clients of Vicky who runs the business. It's a solid timber building, finished with 44mm thick walls, roof and floor insulation, durable EPDM rubber roof, a lavatory, with internal access and full-length narrow, vented windows. Here's what Vicky says about it:

"Before the garden room, I practised my hypnotherapy in my living room and online. I also used to travel to my client’s houses. It wasn’t ideal in the living room as I had photos of the children in there and I had to keep tidying the house every time I saw a client! I do still sometimes see clients online as this works well, but now I’ll be able to conduct the online sessions in the garden room.

 "I loved the idea of a garden room as it meant that I would have a confidential space separate from the house to see clients. As I have two children it was essential to separate my business from the house and for providing a more professional space for clients. I wanted to have somewhere where I had access to it all week. I had looked into renting a space in town but there wasn’t much availability and the rooms I did find were expensive. Renting a therapy room also meant that I would need to have allotted time to see clients, which is tricky when just starting up a business and not knowing when clients would be available or how much demand there would be. By having my own space in the garden room, I can offer more flexibility in terms of times and days, and even see clients after school hours as they won’t need to come in the house.

"I also liked the idea that when I wasn’t using the garden room for hypnotherapy, it could still be enjoyed by my family and friends. It’s a nice quiet space where any of us can relax when we need some time alone, or in the summer we can open up the doors and enjoy socialising in it with friends and family. We also felt that it will add value to our house in the future if we did ever sell, and it could even serve as an extra bedroom if we had friends or family staying over and couldn’t all fit in the house."

"The garden room is therefore a key selling point for my hypnotherapy business, as it’s so cosy, inviting, and warm and clients can be put at ease knowing that it’s a confidential and safe space. They can use my back gate to enter so they don’t need to come near my house, and I’ve put up blinds and curtains so no one can see in. I even had a toilet and sink fitted, so clients don’t need to worry about that either!

"I think the other main benefit is the flexibility it affords me. I can be flexible about when I see clients which is great and allows me to see a larger range of people. I even let my husband use it sometimes as he works from home a lot! And when I’m not using it, my children enjoy relaxing in here with a book or doing their homework in peace. 

"I love how peaceful, cosy, comfortable and relaxing it is. I love being able to provide such a warm and friendly environment for my clients which is all part of the experience, and I love that I’m not answerable to other people in terms of planning ahead and having to book a space in town."


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