Thursday, February 23, 2023

Can you buy a garden office through a Limited Company?

Adding their own thoughts to this often-asked about issue is Farnell Clarke in a useful piece on their website. They look at a range of issues from corporation tax allowances on the construction of a garden office and reclaiming VAT on the cost of a garden office to 'What if I close my Limited Company?'. Here's a snippit:

If/when you choose to perhaps close your limited company, and it owns the garden office which you will be keeping, you will need to purchase it from your company. It will need to be bought at the market value at that point (remember if your company is VAT registered to consider this for the sale too). It is often a good idea to have a restoration clause at the end of the contract.

It's well worth a read via the link above.

Image courtesy Garden Spaces


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