Thursday, July 21, 2022

Working from home: latest UK data

The latest report from the Economics Observatory about working from home post-pandemic indicates that working from home is here to stay, with clear benefits for many people, in particular less time spent commuting. According to the report's author, senior research associate Charlie Meyrick from the University of Brisol: "Should current trends continue, it seems unlikely that we will ever return fully to pre-pandemic work patterns. Compared with before the pandemic, there are now over five million more people working remotely in the UK. This is roughly the equivalent of the entire working population of Austria."

The figures show the largest growth in homeworking has been in Scotland where it has doubled (see graph top). In England, the highest percentage of people working from home lived in London, followed by the South East, and then the East. The lowest increases were in the North East, and Yorkshire/Humber.


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