Friday, July 29, 2022

Ruby’s Teeny Tiny House

A splendid small build by Mark Burton from Tiny House UK and Custom Built Surrey. The proud owner is six-year-old Ruby and her mother Charley explains why this is the perfect space for her:

My daughter Ruby has autism and since she was a toddler she has often sought to escape from any noise and intensity that might surround her, to the small and secluded spaces where she is able to hide away and take refuge. After years of making herself comfortable behind chairs and sofas, or under duvets, she finally has a beautiful, safe and quiet space to call her own. 

Her Teeny Tiny House, designed and crafted by Tiny House Cabins is the perfect sanctuary for Ruby. Here she can hide away from the day to day noises, in quiet and contentment. The windows and door allow me to see into her own little world from the outside, whilst she enjoys her down time from the rest of the world.


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